Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Last Night of Hanukkah 2008

Sunday, December 28
Now that Rob is here with Steph visiting we decided to do a total repeat of the Hanukkah dinner we had last Sunday. So we had the exact same dinner all over again! Still good! Two people couldn't come but I sent some leftovers home with Tracy.

Teagan is always fun to play with. She's very well behaved and is such a pleasure! Especially when she makes us exotic sandwiches with the play food!!

The first row of pics shows Adam Luther's holiday cards...yes, Adam Luther's! Those all came to him this year!

Then Frank and I went to see about this new fitness place near Blankenbaker Pkwy that advertised some unreal rate...and it was unreal! It was bait and I bit. I didn't join but I probably will. I really need to exercise and I just had doing it alone and at home. I get so distracted!! By what....look at the next picture. I actually got to do some scrapping today. YAY! I'm still trying to finish my travel journal of our western trip from September. I'd really like to finish it before 2009 rolls around. Don't have much time left!

3 more days to New Years!

Thanks for looking.

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