Sunday, December 21, 2008

December Photo Diary - Hanukkah's Commin' Day 20

I have a recipe for two-potato latkes (pancakes) for Hanukkah and it says to use a food processor...I don't have one. Frank's been trying to get me to buy one for about a year or so but I've kept saying that I don't need one (well, really I don't...what did we do before they were invented, after all!). But, I finally caved and we went shopping, the day before Hanukkah, for a processor. And, I did get one. We brought it home, opened it up and the box was nearly empty! So, back we went!

But first we went bowling with Steph and to the movies. Saw 7 Pounds. Strange movie. Won't give away the ending but you have to be Very patient to sit through the whole thing just to get to the ending

Yeah, I think Steph won for the day!