Sunday, March 3, 2013


 ...well, almost.  I did have an assistant and advisor.  I got this idea by seeing someone's video on U-Tube and thought this would solve my rubber stamp storage problem.  After all, if you can't see them you don't remember you have them and then you don't use them.  I thought this would put them on display so I might use them more often.

First I had to buy the wood.  I used 1 x 3s and some edging trim

Home Depot cut the trim for me free of charge. The 1 x 3s came finished in 2' lengths.  That was easy.  I then glued the edging to each piece.
 Then came the painting.  Luckily I didn't have to buy paint as we already had some enamel paint in the house.

 then used elbow shaped braces on each end and scewed them to the wall.  

And, this is the end result.  All of my rubber stamps are now in view with a little room for more.