Friday, June 27, 2008

Buried Treasure!

Great, productive day today! Day 5 of Pirate Camp started out bright and early at the mall where they have this great boat for kids (the human kind) to play and climb on. But my helpers and I and the 'Kids took it over before the stores opened. It's more like a paddle wheel than a pirate ship but we pretended. The 'Kids didn't mind...they just climbed all over the thing.

Then, off to dig for buried treasure! I knew of this great playground that has these sandboxes where I knew we could "bury" our treasure chest and then dig them up. Even though it rained pretty hard last night, the sand wasn't too wet and the Kidd0s enjoyed the sand box.

When we got home the 'Kids went right to work to finish their pirate ship - had to paint it. Then, they played on it. We had a full day but they still want to have their photo shoot sleep over in their sleeping bags and their popcorn party. Camp is supposed to finish up this weekend. I hope I have time to get all the photos in. I've already taken 185 pictures!! Each parent will get a CD with all the photos on it so they can pick and choose what they want for themselves.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Wednesday, the 'Kids began construction on their very own Pirate Ship. This is very much a cooperative effort and they are learning to work together and to share building materials. The base is made out of a white styrofoam cooler and then they wrapped an opened cardboard box around it. They also used a wrapping paper tube, bathroom tissue tubes, empty ribbon spools, paper towel tubes and extra cardboard to make all the extras that a good pirate ship needs. And, good old, Mini (remember her?) made a great figurehead on the front of the ship! While the ship is not really seaworthy, it is good for the imagination!

I don't think they've finished with it. They say that they'll be back to work on it later today. I know they asked me for paint and lots of brushes!! So, check back to see what else they do to their ship!. Hope no one has to walk the plank!
We did have a little bit of drama here. One little guy was late in arriving for camp...Elvis Lloyd was coming all the way from Florida and was taking his sweet time of it, too. He had been in the postal system for nearly a week and his parent and I, and the rest of the kids were getting more than a bit worried. Well, he was finally delivered today (YAY!) and we were all quite relieved!! You just never know with the mail system. And, we have several that have come from Canada, so that makes us even more nervous.

We have a couple more big activities planned for the last few days of Pirate Camp. We just hope the weather holds out for us.

Thanks for checking in!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Celebrity Autographs!

Camp took a back seat today. Had to get some household things done. But, Ben Winkler did consent to an autograph signing today. He was wonderful and hand signed some glossies for each of the campers.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Long Time...No Post. I still haven't got the hang of regularly posting but things have been busy.

Been to Sisiversary - What a great time, but that's another post. This post is about Pirate Camp for Cabbage Patch Kids...that's right... you read right. I host a week long summer camp for Cabbage Patch Kids. For those of you who know me, know that I collect CPKs and have my own very special Kid, Adam Luther. Well, I've been doing this since 2000 (not every year) and have had a blast doing this. Each time we have camp we have a different theme. This year is Pirate Camp! (Last year's was Survivor Camp). The generic name of my camp is Cabbage Kids Adventure Camp.

Of course, Adam Luther is the host. This year we have 14 campers. "Parents" pack their Kids up with their supplies, like p.j.s, change of clothes, toy to sleep with, etc... and mail them off to me for a week of great fun. I take them and do lots of fun photo shoots with them. Yes, I even take them on field trips outside of the house...In Public! I get lots of attention...and looks, and they even help to strike up conversation and people start telling me about their first CPKs and stuff like that.

One of the highlights of this summer's camp is that we have a celebrity camper! Remember Geico Insurance t.v. commercial that featured the Cabbage Patch Kid, Ben Winkler??? Well, He's here with me at camp and he's signing autographs! He's just a regular kid who did a commercial - no big head here. Really cute. I'll try to attach a picture of him.

So, today was day 1 of camp. Craft day. We made popsicle treasure chests, decorated picture frames and stamp painted t-shirts. Not a drop of paint on anybody! :0) Not sure what we'll be doing tomorrow. I think Ben Winkler will be signing his glossies for his new friends!

Stay tuned!
Ben Winkler