Friday, June 27, 2008

Buried Treasure!

Great, productive day today! Day 5 of Pirate Camp started out bright and early at the mall where they have this great boat for kids (the human kind) to play and climb on. But my helpers and I and the 'Kids took it over before the stores opened. It's more like a paddle wheel than a pirate ship but we pretended. The 'Kids didn't mind...they just climbed all over the thing.

Then, off to dig for buried treasure! I knew of this great playground that has these sandboxes where I knew we could "bury" our treasure chest and then dig them up. Even though it rained pretty hard last night, the sand wasn't too wet and the Kidd0s enjoyed the sand box.

When we got home the 'Kids went right to work to finish their pirate ship - had to paint it. Then, they played on it. We had a full day but they still want to have their photo shoot sleep over in their sleeping bags and their popcorn party. Camp is supposed to finish up this weekend. I hope I have time to get all the photos in. I've already taken 185 pictures!! Each parent will get a CD with all the photos on it so they can pick and choose what they want for themselves.

Thanks for looking!

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