Saturday, January 31, 2009


Today my friend Barb and I went to my favorite LSS, Memories a la Mode in Frankfort, KY, for a class on making this paper bag album. It is really cute and I can't wait to make more! There are so many possibilities! I'd like to make a larger one for my next travel journal book. This one measures about 5" square when closed. One of the store owners designed this little book and she chose all the papers and supplies for us to use. I think it came out pretty cute! Now sure what I'm going to use this one for, though. We'll see....

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Of course I had to take my camera out for a little exercise.

Icicles on my back deck

These shots are from the street leading to my neighborhood.

These are in front of my house

Ice won't stop the birds from getting into the feeder!! They just go under it!!

Yes, this is a Robin on this branch!! I thought they went south for the winter!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Back in September of 2007, when Frank and I took our wonderful trip to Italy, my friend Marsha in Indianapolis invited Adam Luther to spend the same time with her and her and Adam's best buddy, Ridley. While visiting, Ridley and his family took a vacation to Babyland General Hospital and Myrtle Beach and Adam Luther got to go along. Another little friend, Macgyver (Mac for short), visiting from Iowa got to go along as well.

I've been wanting to scrap Adam's vacation for quite a while and when I saw these scrap supplies at Michael's the other day, I knew they were perfect. Made by Colorbok, these Crayola brand car shaped chipboard books and car shaped primary colored papers were just the thing! I love the little kid effect for my little Kid!
I used 2 packs of each at $1 each ($4 total!), plus some other little supplies that I had lying around. They all come together at the top with a ring binder. Great!

So, I spent nearly all day yesterday putting this little book together. I think it came out kinda cute.

Thanks for looking

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I knew it was coming.

I had heard all of the weather reports.

So, I thought..."I had better get all my errands run today because I may not be able to get out for a couple of days." Great thoughts and great intentions. So, where do I go? Well, Michael's of course!

I found a whole new section! It was in the back tucked away down a side aisle with a banner across the top declaring it $5 and under! WOW - cool scrappy stuff!

Everything here was $1 each!! And, there was more that I didn't get...All by Colorbok. $1 chipboard shaped books (scalloped square, circle & heart) , shaped papers, stickers, embellies, tags. I think I was on that one aisle for half an hour!
But, wait, there's more...(also by Colorbok) Crayola kid shaped chipboard books too. I got a car book, with car shaped papers too. (I forgot to get a pic before I dug into the goods!) They had a house, star and a "splotch" shape too. I'll just have to post my mini book when I'm finished with it.

But, I never made it to Kroger for some edible essentials! Oh well, we won't starve, and I won't be bored either!

Thanks for looking

Monday, January 26, 2009

I've finished two more layouts from my Friday's babysitting. I'm getting pretty attached to this little munchkin! Again, I used the Friendly Forest collection by Colorbok. I just can't get enough of this's all just so yummy!

The journaling reads: the day was beautiful so we took the chalk outside. You concentrated on your work and then declared: "See my tent!"

This journaling reads: even though the feeder was already pretty full, we had to fill it anyway. "The birds are hungry."

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Babysitting Update

Just had my day 2 with my little munchkin and we had a pretty good day. She arrived bright and early - around 7 AM. After having breakfast and a little t.v. and looking around the house, we (I) decided that we'd go out. I just had to go to Michael's to return something and look for this brand new Colorbok collection called Friendly Forest. Fantastic stuff! Well, this little one doesn't go to many stores so that was a real eye opener!! She came out of there with a container of min M&Ms - for after lunch!

Then, to the library. I don't think she's ever been there before. She had a good time; picked out a few books, played a little and then it was close to lunch time and time to head home. The weather was great - 52 or 53 degrees in January, so we took out the sidewalk chalk before lunch. So great to be outside for a change!

Lunch proved to be interesting...she discovered a new taste sensation...barbecue chips dipped into her apple yogurt! She loved it and ate it all! Who knew??!!

Nap time was great and I got a wonderful layout done of the little angel. The picture was taken while we were outside after lunch...we just went for a little walk, she sat down on the sidewalk and this is what I got. It's really have to take about a million pics to get a good one! Of course I had to use my new Friendly Forest papers too.

After nap we played a little more, had a snack, watered the plants, filled the bird feeder, and then got ready for dinner. While I wasn't looking (shame on me!), she broke a fridge magnet, which I then glued back together and a little later she broke something of Frank's, which I glued back together also (but I didn't tell him).

All I can say is that the $12 baby monitor I bought at the resale shop is the best investment I've made so far!

Still smiling!
Thanks for looking

Monday, January 19, 2009

Who Needs Exercise???

I just got back from "the gym" and I have to say that, even though I am exhausted, I DO feel better. This has been such a very hard week for me; both physically and emotionally. I haven't been this sick in quite a while and it just took a hard toll on me. I was very hard on myself and very down. Well, I worked with the trainer today and she had me doing the full workout even though she knew I'd been sick and I was still coughing a little. I surprised myself at how much I was able to do! Must be those endorphins I'm always hearing about. So, now I'm on the up-swing again. Now to hit the showers!
Thanks for checking in.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I've decided to participate in this new blog called Forward Progress. It's art, it's prompts, it's thinking. For me it's a way to journal. Here are my first three entries. You really should check out this blog!

Thanks for looking. :0)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Solo Scrap Mania

I started not feeling well Saturday night when Frank and I went to Derby Dinner Playhouse (good show for a change) so I decided to spend all day Sunday inside and rest. HA! I don't think I know how to rest. So, I scrapped....ALL DAY! It was great! I didn't even make dinner because there were leftovers in the fridge. I couldn't have planned it better. (Sorry for the long post!)

Then Monday comes and I still don't feel well, so I didn't go bowling and I canceled my fitness trainer appointment and stayed in all day again. Now it's Tuesday and I have to go out because of all the things I didn't get done on Sunday and Monday!

This layout is in response to Challenge #68 at Scrapping the Music. The song is Pictures of You by The Last Goodnight. Everything here is from my stash as I haven't been out to buy anything new lately. Well, I lied a little bit. On December 16th, when I met Steph in Lexington, I did stop at Memories A La Mode in Frankfort and dropped a few $$, so I guess the Hambly Mini Grid overlay and the Teresa Collins Clock are fairly new.

This layout is about Adam Luther's "surgery" back in August of 2007. Friends, Dixie and Nancy did the surgery while we were all out in Maryland for the Prosey's annual CPK gathering during the first weekend in August. They did a great job...I just couldn't have done it myself! I found that great band-aid chipboard strip while out west in September thinking I'd use it on a layout for this purpose and I bought the band-aid paper about a year ago with the same thoughts. I just now got around to doing the layout. The "buttons" are from a swap I participated in on SIS last year. Then, I did some machine stitching around the edges of the paper...I think I'll be doing more machine stitching in the future! :0)

I also did a Mini Book about Adam Luther's experience using a Jenni Bowlin 4x4 scalloped book. It's a pretty neat book -the inside is the lined paper and both of the covers are blank, so this one was pretty fast to finish.

Can you tell I miss the little guy?? Anyway, Thanks for looking. :0)