Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Back in September of 2007, when Frank and I took our wonderful trip to Italy, my friend Marsha in Indianapolis invited Adam Luther to spend the same time with her and her and Adam's best buddy, Ridley. While visiting, Ridley and his family took a vacation to Babyland General Hospital and Myrtle Beach and Adam Luther got to go along. Another little friend, Macgyver (Mac for short), visiting from Iowa got to go along as well.

I've been wanting to scrap Adam's vacation for quite a while and when I saw these scrap supplies at Michael's the other day, I knew they were perfect. Made by Colorbok, these Crayola brand car shaped chipboard books and car shaped primary colored papers were just the thing! I love the little kid effect for my little Kid!
I used 2 packs of each at $1 each ($4 total!), plus some other little supplies that I had lying around. They all come together at the top with a ring binder. Great!

So, I spent nearly all day yesterday putting this little book together. I think it came out kinda cute.

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Second Chance Nancy said...

AWESOME album Peggy!!! What a great idea!!! I just put Mac's pictures into a regular album.. :>( Guess I need to come and take lessons from you.

Cassie said...


Lisa the Lovely said...

that's adorable! I fluffy heart it!