Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I am currently taking an on-line class through SIStv called "Bling Out Your Blog"...So, my blog will be going through some transformations as I learn all that there is to learn. Right now I've learned how to change from 2 columns to 3 columns.

In the process, I've lost my header, my photo has moved all the way to the left, and ALL of my links are gone! I just hope I can remember everyone and all the sites I've had links to.

Oh, well!

To be continued...

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


For the last 2 weeks, my husband was out of town Monday through Thursday. So, what's a scrapper to do? I scrapped till I dropped! It was great, although I did miss him. Glad when he came home. But I had my own crop-a-thon!

At SIStv we play this "free shopping" scrapping game on the weekends and this weekend I got to play along. The first person lists 10 scrapping items. The next person chooses, or "buys" 3 of those items to use on a layout and then replaces them with 3 other items. Well, the 3 items I bought for this layout was:
1)black as a background,
2) masking to create my own paper and
3) Thickers.

I also took this opportunity to practice my photo editing skills on this 1962 pic of my sister, brother and me. It was awful; full of, what looked like, rust stains. I was thrilled to restore it!
The other photo is from my niece's wedding in May 2008.

This layout fulfilled requirements for 2 challenges. Scrapper's Block said to use no pattern paper while Scrapping Out Loud said to use a grid and the word "hope". I used the collage feature on Picasa to create the grid of pics and then cut them apart for the layout.
Sewing on layouts...what a great adds texture and detail! I used it here on this layout about our trip to Stone Mountain, GA back in 2007
Another layout about Stone Mountain, GA
When we were in Atlanta we wen tto the Coca Cola Museum. While there I bought these Coke papers not knowing I could get them nearly anywhere. They've been sitting in my box since 2007 and I just felt I had to use them. So, here's a double layout with lots of machine stitching.

This layout is a more somber one; brought me back down to earth. Scrap Mojo had a challenge based on the story of Peter Pan. We were to use anything in the story as inspiration for a layout. I chose this quote, "All children, except one, grow up". At first I started gathering all sorts of pics of my daughters when they were little. Then I stumbled upon these pictures of my nephew Adam and my children with my 2 nephews. This challenge then took a complete "U" turn - a completely different meaning. We lost Adam in 1988; he was torn from our lives. I used the color core card stock whick let me use sand paper to create Adam's name above his photo. The challenge also said to use a frame and I used this circle border from Magistical Memories.
Thanks for stopping by. I had a great time at my own personal scrap-a-thon!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Our visit to Philly started off with an interesting sight seeing day. We picked up Steph and drove to a small northern town called Ashland. There, we found a couple of interesting things...a town frozen in time, the Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine and the world's largest and only 3-D replica of Whistler's Mother! I just had to see that!

The coal mine was really very interesting and wasn't "down" at all...I just thought it was a neat title.

This was the bizarre part... an 8 ft bronze statue created in 1938 by the local Boys' Association to honor all mothers past and present. Not sure whether I feel honored or not!

Thanks for visiting and looking at my layouts.

Monday, April 20, 2009


These are 2 layouts I did of my cutie pie little friend when we spent the day together last Friday.

We went to Lowe's to buy some new plants for my deck planters. Then we proceeded to plant them. Of course, this was part of my master plan. It was such a glorious day and I had a feeling she's love to play in the dirt a little. We actually took turns with the shovel and then she added the water when we were all finished.

It was her idea to take a walk up and down my street. Of course, when she found these dandelion weeds she thought they were the best! She proceeded to pick all she could find...NOT in MY yard!! :0) I was just waiting for the neighbor to come out and shoo us away for blowing all the seeds into their yard!

We always have a great time together. Can't wait till next Friday!
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Friday, April 17, 2009


I had my little friend today and she asked me to paint her toenails. Well, one thing led to another and...well, you just need to watch and listen to this little video and then see the photos to see the finished product!

I do have to add that after she was done with her mani and pedicure she asked me to take it all off! Phew!!! I think her mom would have had my head.

I did forget not to change the orientation of my camera during the video, but it's still very cute! Please keep in mind that she is 3 1/2!

We did a few other things today that were noteworthy but I'll have to post them in another entry. This one was just one of the best!!

Hope you enjoyed it as much as her mother and I did.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Nothing great going on, so I've had some time to do some Challenge scrapping.

This first one is for OLW ##40 - The word this week is "NO". While at my sister's house last week I got a chance to see and play with my little grand-nephew or great-nephew (or whatever it's supposed to be). He was such constant motion that most of my pics came out blurry. So, I used that to my advantage and made this layout. I used a photo editing feature connected with Flickr that does mosaics, to make this photo.

This is a great challenge blog called Scrapping The Music. The gals there post songs and we're supposed to use that song as a prompt in some way with which to create (was that grammatically correct?) Anyway, this song is "This is Me" by Demi Lovato.

I dug deep for this one and pulled out some real old pics!

It felt great to get right down and get a bit messy again.

I did start a new physical therapy session for my back/neck/ right now I'm very sore so I have to find time to do exercises at home but that can't stop me from relaxing at my scrap table!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Oh, how I wish I had taken pictures of this paper bag album before I filled it all up!! I really was flat and neat looking!

Back in January I took a class on paper bag albums that you can go back and look at if you want. That lesson inspired me to make this jumbo paper bag album out of large grocery bags. Inside I used various sizes of bags as well, like liquor and lunch sizes.

I also used lots of chipboard tags that I covered with papers and large sheets of chipboard that I put tabs on the edges (that you can see sticking out) . These large sheets are tucked into the open ended edges of the bags - hope that makes sense. Again...wish I took pics before I did the work!

As you can see, this book is WAY too full! I did not anticipate this problem when I made it.

I found great die-cuts at - including the country titles I used and this one for the "muster drill".

This is where I used the liquor bags and cut/folded them to make pockets. In each pocket are either 1 or 2 tags and even my post cards

These pockets are made from lunch bags and stand up instead of the previous ones that stick out. These have much larger tags. I think you can see them sticking out a little. The section does flip in the center.

I also found this neat life preserver border on

Here are some of the titles I got at that web site.

Last page - Yes, that's me with a drink...well, 2 drinks.
The End!

Thanks for looking!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One of the highlight of my visit to New Jersey was seeing my little nephew...well actually, my little great nephew. The last time I saw him he was just a few months old. Now, he's 21 months. Non stop!!! Most of my pics came out blurry because he just didn't mug for the camera. He was more interested in whatever he was involved in; either plastic spoons, crayons or a basket of vehicles. His favorite things is anything with wheels!! So, I put several of these pics together for a non-stop layout.

I bought these papers while I was at the CKC (Creating Keepsakes Convention) last month here in Louisville. They are by The Paper Loft, the Well Worn collection. I only added the cards at the top, some alphas and some really cute vintage vehicle book illustrations at the bottom. If you look at the lettered paper you can see the words "forever" and "play"...I need to get some clear bubbles to put over those so they are more visible, I think.

Had a great visit...don't know when I'll be there again. But, I do know that when I do, this little guy will have a new little sister (we hope!)

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Frank's and my latest trip was to Philly and New Jersey. We first stopped in Philly to see our daughter, Stephanie, who is in grad school there. We spent the whole day on Sunday with her and decided to do something off the beaten path. I found an ad for Pioneer Tunnel, a coal mine tour in Ashland, PA. It was something different and none of us had done it before. Two hours from Philly and we were there!

Going into the mine

view inside the NOISY mine

After the mine tour we drove into Ashland to see this huge 3-D replica of Whistler's Mother! Kind of bizarre but interesting too.

This monument is nestled between 2 ordinary homes...part of the bizarre part

view from the top looking down on the town
Lunch time: Had to hit South Philly to see what's what with the Cheese Steak competition. I wanted us to get one from each place...they are right across the street from each other but, it was quite cold and windy, so we just went to Pat's, got the sandwiches and headed back to the car to eat.

Well, by that time, the sandwiches were cold (just a block), the cheese hadn't melted, and the bread was hard. We certainly won't be going back to Pat's any time in the future! AND, I had heartburn for the rest of the day!

On to the Philadelphia Art Museum. I wanted to see this special exhibit. It centered around how Cezanne influenced other artists. We had audios that explained what the art critics thought about all the pieces. I thought it was interesting!!

This is a Monet that I loved.

And, of course, Degas' Ballerina

Back at the house:
This is Ricoh (Ree-ko) sister's pooch.

And, Adam Luther, getting ready for Passover. There were 26 people, total, over for our Seder (Passover dinner) - in 2 connecting rooms. TONS of food!!

My sister, Michelle with her 1st grandson!

Another trip for 2009 finished....3 more to go...I think! Next stop, NYC in May! Can't wait for that one! Thanks for stopping by! :0)

Thursday, April 2, 2009


First of all, I have some significant (to me) big news! I went to Weight Watchers yesterday and found I lost 4.8 pounds!! WOO HOO!! It feels so good because 1) I was just on this cruise and tried to eat sensibly and 2) my weight loss last week was small; under 1 pound. SO, I feel like celebrating!! :0)

Now, for my latest project. This is a mini, from scratch, chipboard album that I made through a lesson learned from a class I took at my favorite scrapping website, SIStv. The class had 5 different lessons and I've only made one of the minis so far. This album is small, only measures about 4 x 3. I used Basic Grey papers and craft paper for the pages.

I made it as a gift for my sister, who I'm going to be seeing, again, next week. All the photos in it are from the cruise we just came back from. I also included neat sister quotes on each page. The inside back cover is still blank...not sure what to put on there. I'm thinking of writing a personal message because she is so special to me.

Thanks for stopping by!