Thursday, April 16, 2009


Nothing great going on, so I've had some time to do some Challenge scrapping.

This first one is for OLW ##40 - The word this week is "NO". While at my sister's house last week I got a chance to see and play with my little grand-nephew or great-nephew (or whatever it's supposed to be). He was such constant motion that most of my pics came out blurry. So, I used that to my advantage and made this layout. I used a photo editing feature connected with Flickr that does mosaics, to make this photo.

This is a great challenge blog called Scrapping The Music. The gals there post songs and we're supposed to use that song as a prompt in some way with which to create (was that grammatically correct?) Anyway, this song is "This is Me" by Demi Lovato.

I dug deep for this one and pulled out some real old pics!

It felt great to get right down and get a bit messy again.

I did start a new physical therapy session for my back/neck/ right now I'm very sore so I have to find time to do exercises at home but that can't stop me from relaxing at my scrap table!

Thanks for stopping by!


Laura said...

Good job, Peggy! Loved seeing the Girl Scout photo!

ellen s. said...

i love all those photos you get on a layout! those are some great challenges and layouts