Sunday, April 12, 2009


Frank's and my latest trip was to Philly and New Jersey. We first stopped in Philly to see our daughter, Stephanie, who is in grad school there. We spent the whole day on Sunday with her and decided to do something off the beaten path. I found an ad for Pioneer Tunnel, a coal mine tour in Ashland, PA. It was something different and none of us had done it before. Two hours from Philly and we were there!

Going into the mine

view inside the NOISY mine

After the mine tour we drove into Ashland to see this huge 3-D replica of Whistler's Mother! Kind of bizarre but interesting too.

This monument is nestled between 2 ordinary homes...part of the bizarre part

view from the top looking down on the town
Lunch time: Had to hit South Philly to see what's what with the Cheese Steak competition. I wanted us to get one from each place...they are right across the street from each other but, it was quite cold and windy, so we just went to Pat's, got the sandwiches and headed back to the car to eat.

Well, by that time, the sandwiches were cold (just a block), the cheese hadn't melted, and the bread was hard. We certainly won't be going back to Pat's any time in the future! AND, I had heartburn for the rest of the day!

On to the Philadelphia Art Museum. I wanted to see this special exhibit. It centered around how Cezanne influenced other artists. We had audios that explained what the art critics thought about all the pieces. I thought it was interesting!!

This is a Monet that I loved.

And, of course, Degas' Ballerina

Back at the house:
This is Ricoh (Ree-ko) sister's pooch.

And, Adam Luther, getting ready for Passover. There were 26 people, total, over for our Seder (Passover dinner) - in 2 connecting rooms. TONS of food!!

My sister, Michelle with her 1st grandson!

Another trip for 2009 finished....3 more to go...I think! Next stop, NYC in May! Can't wait for that one! Thanks for stopping by! :0)


Laura said...

I'm thinking that mine would be scary depending upon how far in you went! Looks like another fun trip.

kaylaaimee said...

that looks really cool! We went to Ruby Falls once and loved it!

Stephanie said...

I'm so jealous you're going to NYC! If you have any questions, lemme know...we go there often!