Monday, February 25, 2008

Adam's Home!

YAY! Adam came home on Friday. Did I mention that Adam Luther's been visiting his friends in Colorado for the past 3 weeks? Yes, Adam Luther, my main little guy, has his own circle of friends and he's been traveling on his own. After all, he is nearly 20 years old! Well, I've already written about all the ice around here last week. I had to meet the postman at the garage to get the box so he wouldn't have to walk up the icy front steps.

Adam really doesn't like traveling by box but when he goes solo he doesn't have any other choice. He really loves airplanes! But, when he goes by box he has to have his flashlight with him and a toy or something to help pass the time. This time he took Buster, the new puppy he got from friends at the holidays. Buster has been a constant companion since December. He got that toy frog while he was in Colorado. It was good to have him home. Whenever he's away I always get nervous about the US mail service and him getting damaged or lost. I'm sure I'll be posting more about Adam's adventure later on.

Weekend scrapping always gets put aside a little for me. Gotta spend a little time with my husband while he's home. I don't want him to feel neglected. So, we went bowling again. That makes 2 weeks in a row. Woohooo! I'm getting better, at least. First week no better than 65. This week I broke 100! We're going to try to keep this a weekly thing. He's gone on business till Wed so I should get some serious scrapping done in between a few short appointments (dentist & haircut).

So, gotta go and get it all started. Bye.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pain in the Neck

I fell on Thursday morning. I felt fine afterwards. No bruises, no headaches, no concussion, no nothing. Now I have a real pain in my neck. I have normal neck stuff going on anyway but this feels different. I wonder if this could be some sort of delayed symptom and I could have jarred something in my heck when I fell and hit my head on the concrete?? But, of course, now it's Saturday and I can't call my doctor. So, if I really want to find out I'd have to go to an immediate care center type of place.

But, I DID get 3 more layouts done yesterday! YAY! At this rate maybe I will get Steph's album finished on time! After all, isn't that what's important?!

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Ice Man Cometh...

It's just not a good thing when you look out your window and the world looks shiny and glazed over! We had a terrible ice storm settle upon us yesterday. And so what did I do, or try to do? At dinner time (not earlier in the day) I attempted to go out to retrieve the mail from the mail the curb. Have you ever seen the cartoon of a person slipping on a banana peel? That was me slipping on the ice, but I had only taken one step outside my garage. Yes, it did look shiny and glazed. Yes, for some reason, I did think I could make it to the grass. And, yes, my feet flew up in the air and I landed on my butt and then my head hit the concrete!. Luckily, I think, I had my hood on so I had a small bit of padding on my head. I'm okay but I do have a bit of a headache this morning! You would think my 50 year old self would have been smarter than this!

But I did get 3 1/2 layouts done yesterday! YAY!

P.S. As my DD posted in her comment, yes indeed, she did suggest that I take my cell phone with me when I attempted to go to the mailbox. That was using her noggin! Fortunately, I didn't have to use it. But it would have been a sight to see me, flat on my back, trying to get back into the garage. I had no traction! I couldn't push back into the garage. I couldn't stand up. I finally was able to roll over and crawl the few inches back to dry concrete. What a sight that must have been! Thank you OctoTracy!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


This had to have been one of the coolest thing I had ever seen in my life - and I'm getting on there! I was even surprised more people in the neighborhood weren't out looking at this wondrous event! Their loss! I was out with my daughter, her boyfriend and a girlfriend. It was great, right outside our front door! Truly amazing to watch! (I took that photo!!)

On to books...just finished Water for Elephants. What a great, easy read but all about circus life in the depression era, but more! Highly recommended!

Now to my favorite subject du jour...Scrapping!!! I have finally finished Steph's senior year of college! YAY!!! One more year to go. Yes, she went to college for 5 years. So, what do we call it? Super Senior, Bonus year, Victory Lap? Any other ideas? Hmmmm.... Now, I'm on a mission to get it completely finished before we leave for Philly on March 13th. I know I don't need to but I would really like to. I love doing this for her but there are other projects I'd like to move on to. Not only do I need to get her 5th year finished but I need to add a little pizzaz to the pages I did in the beginning when she was really adamant about "no embellishing". Now, she likes it and says I can add some. I can really see how my style has changed through the book, though. Kinda neat.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Let's Try This Again...

Grrrrrr.... I typed this great post this morning, expressed myself wonderfully and then clicked the magic button and then....nothing...nothing saved. I lost it all. Not the greatest tragedy but I really liked what I wrote. Oh well. Let's try this again.

Today was President's Day. That meant that my husband was off of work. That meant that my normal routine did not happen today. But, we went bowling! I suggested it. I really wanted to scrap all day long but I knew that that wasn't going to happen. I hadn't been bowling in about a year and I really enjoy it. I know it's not major exercise but at least it's something.

Scrap, scrap, scrap. That's really all I want to do lately. Actually I really want to get my daughter's college album finished! I'm just about finished with year 4 with 1 more year's worth of precious memories to go. I love doing it but I'm getting a bit bored with the color scheme. All of it is basically done in black, white & red, with occasional cream and grey. It's a bit challenging to come up with new variations on the same old theme but I am getting really tired of it. I have to take breaks now and then and do something else for a day or two. But, I would like to have the whole thing completed by mid March as we're driving to Philly to see her and I'd like to bring it with us to give to her - just can't mail a thing like that.

I hope to be going to a scrapping convention in Philly in August sponsored by Creating Keepsakes. My sister lives in the area and I'd love her to go with me. I've been getting lots of great advice on what type of classes to take, etc. I've been wanting to do something with her this summer and this may be a good "something". I've also heard that there may be another scrap something going on in Nashville, TN in May or June. That would be great for my daughter and me - I like doing things with her also and there aren't too many things we have in common anymore. Scrapping is one thing we both really enjoy. I hope to find out more about that soon.

Yay! Off to scrap. I hop I don't lose this post too.

Scrap Happy

I found it. I found it. Thank you saved me1 I didn't know that Blogger saved my post as a draft. But, now I know. So, here's my original post. Yay. :0)

Scrap, scrap, scrap...that's all I want to do. Well, I do have to take time out to shop for scrap stuff too! Oh, and groceries, but that's it! No, only kidding...well, sort of. I even have my hubby doing the ironing and dishes. Good deal. Well, actually, I want to finish my daughter's college album before we leave to visit her in mid March so I guess I'm on a time crunch. Great reason to scrap day and night! But I really have my drawers chock full of great stuff to create with so I'm a happy camper, for a change.

I'm trying to impress on my husband that I'm really not spending all that much because I'm not spending on anything else. I've not gone to Macy's in months!! No new clothes at shoes, no nothin'! So, it could be worse..........I could be gambling or something much worse. :0)

Hubby is off work today for Presidents Day. It cramps my style a bit but just a bit. I'll survive. We're going bowling. I'm supposed to move more. Scrapping doesn't have much exercise to it except going up the stairs to print pictures! Bowling isn't exactly strenuous exercise but it is something. I asked my Weight Watchers leader and she said it certainly does count, so I'm counting it. I like it because it is indoors and I really do enjoy it (and I don't have to break a sweat), so, we're gonna go.

Found out about some scrapping events going on this summer. There's one in the Philly area at the beginning of August sponsored by Creating Keepsakes magazine. That one sounds promising. I'm hoping that my sister, who lives in the same area, will go with me. The other one is in the Nashville, TN area...not exactly sure what it is but some people at keep talking about it. I'm hoping to find out more. It's supposed to be in May or June. That would be great too because them maybe my daughter would be able to go with me. I like scrapping with her.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Can't Sleep

Don't know quite why I'm up at 4:35 in the AM - if it's 'cause I'm uncomfortable in the bed or 'cause I've got so many ideas running around in my head or because I've got Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody on a constant loop, but here I am at, now, 4:37AM.

Had a very expensive trip to Frankfort yesterday - went to Memories A La Mode - a really great scrapbooking store! Spent just shy of $100, but got some great stuff. So, where do I think I'm going tomorrow (I mean today)? - To the scrapbooking store to get some paper for my collections project. I found this great Bo Bunny naked mini album for my collections project yesterday, and now I need the perfect paper, but Hobby Lobby is another 45 minute drive for 1 stupid sheet of paper. Maybe I'll check Archivers first and see if they have something that would work just as well.

What I really should/need to do is work on Steph's album. I love to do it but I really want to finish it. I want to move on. We're going to visit her in March and it would be great if this project were finished so I could hand deliver it because it is quite large and very heavy!

Got word from Adam from Colorado this week. He's having a blast with his friends. He's been playing in the snow, making Valentines gifts, watching movies and playing hide & seek. He even went to Hobby Lobby. I think he's staying for one more week and then he'll head home. He's got lots of mail to open when he gets here. All of his friends from his MSN club sent him Valentines cards! Yup - he got lots of mail. I can't wait to see all of his pictures!

I think I'll try to go back to sleep now: 4:46 AM. Nite Nite.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

What took me so long??

It's been 12 days since my last entry. So much has happened and so little has happened. I've done quite a few lay outs. I'm nearly finished with Steph's senior year of her college album. I've done a few "me" layouts as well, which feels great. I've got lots of ideas running around in my head for other layouts too. I just wish I had more time in a day to get more scrapping done.

I need to do less scrapping and more other things too. Like exercise. I've been totally neglecting that part of my life. I've graduated out of physical therapy but I need to keep up my exercises from there plus my other exercises to lose weight. I've put back nearly all the weight I've lose since 2005. It's kind of depressing but I try not to let it drag me down too much. I've got lots of other things going for me, though.

I need to get more things sold either through my MSN CPK groups or on Ebay. I hate going through ebay...they are now charging more final value fees. That sucks. It almost doesn't seem worth it. I don't buy things to resell any more. But I do have inventory that I need to get rid of. I need to make some $$. The preschool hasn't been calling me to work this year...don't know why. Not sure what else I can do. Maybe I can put my name in at the Temple preschool too.

So, I've lost most interest in doing things except scrapping. I feel creative and expressive when I'm scrapping. Even when I'm doing Steph's album. Even though I'm not expressing my own feelings, I'm being creative. I really miss that. I miss the crafting and seeing a finished product. I miss making things. This scrapping is wonderful. There are so many dimensions to it. I'm still working on scanning all of the girls baby pics. And my own pics. There are just so many. This project can go on forever, it seems.

I think I'd like to do another hometown layout about Louisville. So, I might drive around town taking pictures of landmarks for the page. I already did a layout about where I grew up in Brooklyn, but I've been living here in Louisville longer than I did in Brooklyn. That is really strange.

I think that's it for me tonite.