Sunday, February 10, 2008

What took me so long??

It's been 12 days since my last entry. So much has happened and so little has happened. I've done quite a few lay outs. I'm nearly finished with Steph's senior year of her college album. I've done a few "me" layouts as well, which feels great. I've got lots of ideas running around in my head for other layouts too. I just wish I had more time in a day to get more scrapping done.

I need to do less scrapping and more other things too. Like exercise. I've been totally neglecting that part of my life. I've graduated out of physical therapy but I need to keep up my exercises from there plus my other exercises to lose weight. I've put back nearly all the weight I've lose since 2005. It's kind of depressing but I try not to let it drag me down too much. I've got lots of other things going for me, though.

I need to get more things sold either through my MSN CPK groups or on Ebay. I hate going through ebay...they are now charging more final value fees. That sucks. It almost doesn't seem worth it. I don't buy things to resell any more. But I do have inventory that I need to get rid of. I need to make some $$. The preschool hasn't been calling me to work this year...don't know why. Not sure what else I can do. Maybe I can put my name in at the Temple preschool too.

So, I've lost most interest in doing things except scrapping. I feel creative and expressive when I'm scrapping. Even when I'm doing Steph's album. Even though I'm not expressing my own feelings, I'm being creative. I really miss that. I miss the crafting and seeing a finished product. I miss making things. This scrapping is wonderful. There are so many dimensions to it. I'm still working on scanning all of the girls baby pics. And my own pics. There are just so many. This project can go on forever, it seems.

I think I'd like to do another hometown layout about Louisville. So, I might drive around town taking pictures of landmarks for the page. I already did a layout about where I grew up in Brooklyn, but I've been living here in Louisville longer than I did in Brooklyn. That is really strange.

I think that's it for me tonite.

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SpAzzGiRL said...

Exercise always takes a backseat to scrappin for me too, too bad using scissors didn't burn more calories!