Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Super Crop

Hubby went out of town on business. I turned the weekend into one giant Super Crop! All day on Saturday and Sunday I scrapped! It was great! I got a total of 13 layouts completed. It felt so good. Twelve of the layouts were for Steph's I.U. album and I did one layout on Adam. I still have most of the week hubby free so I plan to so a lot more. I hope to get more scrapping and scanning accomplished.

Adam Luther got his collecting box finished. We painted it black yesterday. It didn't need much as it was mostly black to begin with but we just had to paint over some symbols. Then, today we covered letters with paper for his name and then found some good stickers to finish it up.

Adam belongs to a 'Kids Only club on MSN (believe it or not) and all the other 'Kids are making boxes as well. The boxes are for keeping all their private "stuff" in! So far, he has some stickers.

Last night we got all of his Valentines addressed. We got this done a little early because he's leaving this week for his visit to his friends in Colorado. He's going to visit Anjillo, Kalvin Kolby, Jake Landon, and Rylan. He was invited to spend Valentines Day with the Shaffer family in Broomfield, Colorado which is somewhat near Boulder and Denver. He's all packed up and ready to go. All that's left is for him to get into the box. We finally found his flashlight...he hates to travel by box without his flashlight!

I did not go to the pool this morning. I seem to get more done staying at home although I know I have to exercise. I DID walk on the treadmill, though. I plan to walk some more today. I hope that will make up for no pool. We'll see on Saturday when I weigh in.

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J.D. said...

allpzbeHey, Adam!
Your box is waaaaayy cool!!!
I'm still waiting for mom to help me with mine!