Saturday, January 12, 2008

Weight Watchers!

YEA! Finally - Lost 1.2 pounds this week. So, what's different? I went back to the pool two times this week. And I went back to my old breakfast instead of oatmeal - just to see if it would make a difference. If I spend more time at the scrapping table then I spend less time in the kitchen or with snacks.
I just hope I can keep this up! 1.2 pounds may not sound like a lot but it's good to average 1 pound a week, so I'm very happy.

I did get the laundry done and I did get some scrapping done. And I did some scanning of photos. Not much else on my list to cross off. I guess it's not going to happen over night - just like the weight loss.

1 comment:

Octopusouphut said...

You also got the DVD player to work (thanks to Kim) so you can cross that off your list too.