Friday, January 11, 2008

Things I NEED to do

1. Inventory my CPK room
2. Take pictures of all kids I don't have pics of
3. take pictures of things to sell on Ebay
4. list auction on Ebay
5. scrap!
6. laundry
7. test new DVD
8. iron
9. scrap
10. mail birthday cards
11. fix daughter's back pack
12. update my own web site
13. scan photos

Don't know what I want to do first...yes I do...SCRAP!


little orphan nancy said...

Hey Peggy!
Great job on this!! I've got something over on livejournal, but it's not exactly a blog...more like a diary that members/friends can read. Mostly I've only posted stories I've wrote(they're based on the characters from the movie "G.I.Jane"..
My friend in England has a blog too.. it's fun to take a peek and see what she and the family are up to.. ...Now I can "check up" on you too!!! LOL

Octopusouphut said...

Seems like you've got your priorities straight. So now, this means you can't yell at me when I haven't done my homework yet...right? lol