Sunday, January 13, 2008

The List - Part 2

So this weekend is over and let's see how I've done on this list:

1. Inventory my CPK room Nope, not done yet
2. Take pictures of all kids I don't have pics of not done yet, either
3. take pictures of things to sell on Ebay Got this one done
4. list auction on Ebay nope, but at least I got the pics taken
5. scrap! - actually, no, but I did organize a bit
6. laundry YES
7. test new DVD YES
8. iron nope, maybe tomorrow
9. scrap well, I did finish one page on Friday
10. mail birthday cards Oops, gotta get those mailed tomorrow!!
11. fix daughter's back pack I did try but my sewing machine/needle isn't heavy duty enough
12. update my own web site no again.
13. scan photos - did some.

Not so bad. I guess I can't get everything done at once. But I did do some baking and that wasn't on my list to begin with. I also went out with my husband looking for an area rug, so that was ok too (didn't find one). I also got some things cleaned so that I could take pictures of them for sale.

Tomorrow starts another week. I hope I sleep well.

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Octopusouphut said...

You also helped me study for my Pharm. test which wasn't on your yea. :D