Thursday, February 21, 2008


This had to have been one of the coolest thing I had ever seen in my life - and I'm getting on there! I was even surprised more people in the neighborhood weren't out looking at this wondrous event! Their loss! I was out with my daughter, her boyfriend and a girlfriend. It was great, right outside our front door! Truly amazing to watch! (I took that photo!!)

On to books...just finished Water for Elephants. What a great, easy read but all about circus life in the depression era, but more! Highly recommended!

Now to my favorite subject du jour...Scrapping!!! I have finally finished Steph's senior year of college! YAY!!! One more year to go. Yes, she went to college for 5 years. So, what do we call it? Super Senior, Bonus year, Victory Lap? Any other ideas? Hmmmm.... Now, I'm on a mission to get it completely finished before we leave for Philly on March 13th. I know I don't need to but I would really like to. I love doing this for her but there are other projects I'd like to move on to. Not only do I need to get her 5th year finished but I need to add a little pizzaz to the pages I did in the beginning when she was really adamant about "no embellishing". Now, she likes it and says I can add some. I can really see how my style has changed through the book, though. Kinda neat.


Amadia said...

Goodness, I am jealous, none of my ellipse photos turned out!

Anonymous said...

That 5th year in college is called "Oh God! More Money????"

Seriously, your photo is great.. how did I miss that event???
Little Orphan Nancy

Lisa said...

I wish I could have seen the eclipse last night! It was cloudy here and wasn't visible. I love anything to do with the sky and had be anticipating watching it all week. Your photo is very nice!

RitasCottage said... got SUCH a great photo! It was so cloudy here from 8-10ish and I just couldn't get a pic. but we watched! Love your pic and TFS!!!!

Silvitanova said...

So cool that you saw the eclipse! It was very cloudy herre, so we've missed that :-(