Monday, February 18, 2008

Scrap Happy

I found it. I found it. Thank you saved me1 I didn't know that Blogger saved my post as a draft. But, now I know. So, here's my original post. Yay. :0)

Scrap, scrap, scrap...that's all I want to do. Well, I do have to take time out to shop for scrap stuff too! Oh, and groceries, but that's it! No, only kidding...well, sort of. I even have my hubby doing the ironing and dishes. Good deal. Well, actually, I want to finish my daughter's college album before we leave to visit her in mid March so I guess I'm on a time crunch. Great reason to scrap day and night! But I really have my drawers chock full of great stuff to create with so I'm a happy camper, for a change.

I'm trying to impress on my husband that I'm really not spending all that much because I'm not spending on anything else. I've not gone to Macy's in months!! No new clothes at shoes, no nothin'! So, it could be worse..........I could be gambling or something much worse. :0)

Hubby is off work today for Presidents Day. It cramps my style a bit but just a bit. I'll survive. We're going bowling. I'm supposed to move more. Scrapping doesn't have much exercise to it except going up the stairs to print pictures! Bowling isn't exactly strenuous exercise but it is something. I asked my Weight Watchers leader and she said it certainly does count, so I'm counting it. I like it because it is indoors and I really do enjoy it (and I don't have to break a sweat), so, we're gonna go.

Found out about some scrapping events going on this summer. There's one in the Philly area at the beginning of August sponsored by Creating Keepsakes magazine. That one sounds promising. I'm hoping that my sister, who lives in the same area, will go with me. The other one is in the Nashville, TN area...not exactly sure what it is but some people at keep talking about it. I'm hoping to find out more. It's supposed to be in May or June. That would be great too because them maybe my daughter would be able to go with me. I like scrapping with her.

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