Monday, February 25, 2008

Adam's Home!

YAY! Adam came home on Friday. Did I mention that Adam Luther's been visiting his friends in Colorado for the past 3 weeks? Yes, Adam Luther, my main little guy, has his own circle of friends and he's been traveling on his own. After all, he is nearly 20 years old! Well, I've already written about all the ice around here last week. I had to meet the postman at the garage to get the box so he wouldn't have to walk up the icy front steps.

Adam really doesn't like traveling by box but when he goes solo he doesn't have any other choice. He really loves airplanes! But, when he goes by box he has to have his flashlight with him and a toy or something to help pass the time. This time he took Buster, the new puppy he got from friends at the holidays. Buster has been a constant companion since December. He got that toy frog while he was in Colorado. It was good to have him home. Whenever he's away I always get nervous about the US mail service and him getting damaged or lost. I'm sure I'll be posting more about Adam's adventure later on.

Weekend scrapping always gets put aside a little for me. Gotta spend a little time with my husband while he's home. I don't want him to feel neglected. So, we went bowling again. That makes 2 weeks in a row. Woohooo! I'm getting better, at least. First week no better than 65. This week I broke 100! We're going to try to keep this a weekly thing. He's gone on business till Wed so I should get some serious scrapping done in between a few short appointments (dentist & haircut).

So, gotta go and get it all started. Bye.


Lisa said...

Adam is sweet. I liked your story :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, welcome home Adam!! Hope you had a great time on your vacation!!
J.D. and his mom