Friday, February 15, 2008

Can't Sleep

Don't know quite why I'm up at 4:35 in the AM - if it's 'cause I'm uncomfortable in the bed or 'cause I've got so many ideas running around in my head or because I've got Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody on a constant loop, but here I am at, now, 4:37AM.

Had a very expensive trip to Frankfort yesterday - went to Memories A La Mode - a really great scrapbooking store! Spent just shy of $100, but got some great stuff. So, where do I think I'm going tomorrow (I mean today)? - To the scrapbooking store to get some paper for my collections project. I found this great Bo Bunny naked mini album for my collections project yesterday, and now I need the perfect paper, but Hobby Lobby is another 45 minute drive for 1 stupid sheet of paper. Maybe I'll check Archivers first and see if they have something that would work just as well.

What I really should/need to do is work on Steph's album. I love to do it but I really want to finish it. I want to move on. We're going to visit her in March and it would be great if this project were finished so I could hand deliver it because it is quite large and very heavy!

Got word from Adam from Colorado this week. He's having a blast with his friends. He's been playing in the snow, making Valentines gifts, watching movies and playing hide & seek. He even went to Hobby Lobby. I think he's staying for one more week and then he'll head home. He's got lots of mail to open when he gets here. All of his friends from his MSN club sent him Valentines cards! Yup - he got lots of mail. I can't wait to see all of his pictures!

I think I'll try to go back to sleep now: 4:46 AM. Nite Nite.


lalalee@sistv said...

HI P!!
I sooo hear you on the non-sleep/song loop thing, mine has been Rehab by Amy Winehouse though...LOL!
Hope the weekend brings lots of great scrapping and some good shut-eye for you!

Sassy Sasha said...

Girl GET SOME REST, I can so understand that .. and ummm I LOVE LOVE LOVE Your Cabbage Patch Kid collection WOW...those are kids right .. WOWSA holy smokes...

Have a great weekend girl .. and keep bloggin.

Lisa said...

If you can't sleep, writing down your thoughts is a good remedy for some shut eye, for real :) If this happens alot, maybe consider getting a journal and put it beside your bed, so you can write and then go right back to sleep.

We fall asleep to Brainwave Suite
Works like a charm :)

Btw... love your collection of cabbage patch dolls.. My mom used to hand make them back in the day :)

little orphan nancy said...

You woke up shortly after I went to bed... LOL!!!
We now have a scrapbook store out here in the boonies! Yaaaayyy!! It just opened up and it's rather small and doesn't have a lot, but it beats the selection at Walmart...the only other place within 40 miles with scrapbooking stuff..

Amy said...

Thats a lot of CPK's!! I have my original one still, one of the first boys ever made! And regarding the collage, at least there are several different patterns in the colors you have to use! I did 3 wedding albums in a row as gifts, all the brides used the same colors. Periwinkle, blue, yellow. I now hate that color combo!