Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well, it's only once a week, on Fridays, for two months. I've agreed to help out Tracy's roommate and watch her 3 1/2 year old on Fridays for January and February. So, that's where the car seat comes in. Boy, they're a lot different than they were when my girls were little. AND, I got a baby monitor at Once Upon a Child. Pretty nifty contraption! While the little darlin' is napping (yay!) in the afternoon, I don't have to stay upstairs with her, I can go downstairs and SCRAP!! Love these modern conveniences!!

Good thing I've saved lots of things from my preschool teaching days. I've dug some of them out and now I'm armed and ready. I am really looking forward to tomorrow. She's really a sweetie!! The best part is that she gets to go home with her mommy at the end of the day!! But, that's what grandma-ing is all about, isn't it??

On the Scrapping side of things...I've taken a little break from working on my travel journal (from September's trip) to do a couple of real layouts.

This first one is about Tracy's graduation ceremony in November. She really finished school back in June but "walked" in November. Her school only has ceremonies twice a year - May and November.

The second layout is from Hanukkah. I got this really cute picture of the above mentioned little girl, just loving the bright candles. She kept trying to blow them out; playing like they were birthday candles. Of course, you're not supposed to blow out any Hanukkah candles so it became a little game! I just love the look on her face!!

We'll see how the babysitting goes tomorrow. I hope all goes well and at least some of my plans go over well.

Thanks for looking.

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Laura said...

She is a cutie, Peggy. I hope the "nap" part works! Have fun!