Saturday, January 24, 2009

Babysitting Update

Just had my day 2 with my little munchkin and we had a pretty good day. She arrived bright and early - around 7 AM. After having breakfast and a little t.v. and looking around the house, we (I) decided that we'd go out. I just had to go to Michael's to return something and look for this brand new Colorbok collection called Friendly Forest. Fantastic stuff! Well, this little one doesn't go to many stores so that was a real eye opener!! She came out of there with a container of min M&Ms - for after lunch!

Then, to the library. I don't think she's ever been there before. She had a good time; picked out a few books, played a little and then it was close to lunch time and time to head home. The weather was great - 52 or 53 degrees in January, so we took out the sidewalk chalk before lunch. So great to be outside for a change!

Lunch proved to be interesting...she discovered a new taste sensation...barbecue chips dipped into her apple yogurt! She loved it and ate it all! Who knew??!!

Nap time was great and I got a wonderful layout done of the little angel. The picture was taken while we were outside after lunch...we just went for a little walk, she sat down on the sidewalk and this is what I got. It's really have to take about a million pics to get a good one! Of course I had to use my new Friendly Forest papers too.

After nap we played a little more, had a snack, watered the plants, filled the bird feeder, and then got ready for dinner. While I wasn't looking (shame on me!), she broke a fridge magnet, which I then glued back together and a little later she broke something of Frank's, which I glued back together also (but I didn't tell him).

All I can say is that the $12 baby monitor I bought at the resale shop is the best investment I've made so far!

Still smiling!
Thanks for looking


Lisa the Lovely said...

I'm sure you're a real blessing to her! Have fun1

Laura said...

How fun that you can introduce her to new things, Peggy! Cute scrappy layout!

Rachel said...

Love the blue and green together in your LO and that is the seetest little girl.... look at that big happy smile she has :D