Wednesday, January 7, 2009

And the Saga Continues...

"Libra: The ceiling above you, which has long been holding back light, finally cracks, sending light streaming through barriers to guide your way forward. You have waited long enough. Go to where you know you need to be."

My horoscope this morning in our local newspaper...sounds great to me, even though I really don't believe in this stuff. But, what the heck! I'm biting.

I was scheduled for an arthrogram on my hip this morning at 10:45 but I had to show up at 9:45. I guess I needed an hour to fill out 4 lines on a form and to make sure I wasn't wearing anything metallic!

The receptionist says, "Did anyone call you about your bill?" I said, "No". "Well, you'll have to talk to our billing specialist before your procedure"...not something you want to hear! I was already stressed about this particular test.

The billing specialist goes on to tell me that my portion was going to be at least $593.00...but they couldn't be sure, oh, and didn't someone call me in the past few days to tell me this? Again, I said, "NO" and also that I wasn't prepared for this and wasn't prepared to go ahead with the test. One thing led to another and I thought they wanted payment up front ( I was wrong) but then there's my (Happy New Year) deductible so I was going to be shelling out over $1500.00 for this here test that I'm not even sure I even want any more.

So, in the end, I left the hospital without the test and in a very sour, pissy mood! Now, we're shopping around to see if we can negotiate on the cost of the test and/or if I really, really need the test!!. Will it even guarantee to find out the cause of my pain? I have no idea! My day started out better than this but now I feel pretty crappy.

The good part of my day started out with my weigh in at Weight Watchers: Down 1 pound! YAY for that. I guess the training I've been doing has been paying off. I just wish I could continue on with my trainer but there is the matter of the green stuff that she'd like to get in return. Maybe my horoscope was referring to my weight.

So, I guess the day has had some good and not so good news. The day's not even half over yet. I am going to get my nails done today and getting a car seat installed in my car...YES a car seat. More on that later.

I also found out that Adam Luther made it to his Canadian destination safely. Phew! That's a relief!!


Laura said...

Wow, that is one expensive test, Peggy! Sorry to hear the troubles you had today, but getting your nails done must have cheered you up a little! And a new carseat? I can't wait to hear that story.

The Tucker's and Wolek's said...

I am soooooooooooo sorry about this Peggy....we have a NEW health insurance plan this year at work and it TOTALLY SUCKS!!!!! We have to shell OUT $3300.00 BEFORE ANYTHING gets covered......I guess this plan is being blamed on the governments decision......I'd like to know what government thinks that the "average" household can afford $3300.00 JUST to go to the doctor......*sigh* I miss my $20.00 COPAYS!!!!!!! my soap box......glad to hear that Adam Luther made it ok! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Doreen said...

Hope today is better. Car Seat? I can't wait to hear this one.