Tuesday, July 1, 2008

CAMPERS GONE HOME...Next stop VIRGINIA / New Journal Book!

So, Camp is over and everyone's gone home! Adam Luther is left with no one to play with now! HAH!!! He really has a whole room full of 'Kids to play with but he doesn't want to go down to the Nursery ( but he may have to!)

Camp was great this year! We had lots of campers who brought things to share with the others and even one 'Kid who sent stickers from New Zealand even though she didn't attend. So sweet of her. They had a great time building and painting the pirate ship!! We didn't get to use our little inflatable swimming pool but they were just so into the pirate ship I didn't have the heart to tear them away from it. Our field trip, this year, was to the mall and the playground. Time restraints prevented us from doing more at the playground but I think they had a good time nonetheless.

Adam Luther is already thinking ahead to next year...he's thinking Safari Camp with a field trip to our great zoo. Give me some time here, Adam... we just finished!

Now I get to think about my next adventure. We're going to Virginia! YAY! And, of course, Adam Luther is coming along. We'll be off to Colonial Williamsburg and then to Virginia Beach. I'm creating a new and interesting journal book just for the occasion. Can't wait to fill it up and share it with you. I go the idea from JSaulsberry at SIStv.com. She and her son made this fantastic book for her husband so I copied the technique for the book.

I have a book cover left over from Gigi's class from SISiversary and I thought this was the perfect way to use it!! Thanks Gigi!! Oh, I'll have to get some "before" pics of the book - before I fill it up with neat stuff.

Thanks for looking!

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Stacey Moore said...

sounds like a fun week at camp :)