Monday, July 21, 2008

My Filled Vacation Journal

First, I have to say that I learned a lot while doing this, my first, travel journal. There was definitely a learning curve to this. I did pages out of order, I didn't leave enough room for some things and I even skipped a page by accident. All in all, I loved the process and I will definitely do this again. I have to thank someone for part of the inspiration, but I don't remember her name and I can't find where I saved here little video. She is on SIStv and she posted 2 little videos about doing a travel journal and what to pack to take along with you. One thing she suggested was watercolor pencils and a water brush...great idea. I even used water color paper, for the most part, as well as some other patterned card stock.

(Just found out that it is doulanana that did the videos that I got the ideas from - Great source of ideas and she does great art journals too. She is at

I packed lots of different kinds of journaling cards as well as a baggie with different kinds of simple embellishments in it.

I stamped some cards before I left.

I stamped something on each page before I left as well. Usually on the edges or in the corners, even though I knew they would be either covered up completely or overlapped.

Of course, I had to wait till I got home to print the photos. I did use some contact sized prints but mostly used 2 x 3's.

Otherwise I used brochures and other things that I collected as we went along on the trip.

Yes, Adam Luther went along too. He stayed in the hotel room for the first part of the trip but came out for the ferry ride and he enjoyed the beach too.

Louisville has its horses and other cities has their mascots; Norfolk has Mermaids! We didn't get to see them all but we did see q few.

I was really looking forward to this 2 hour cruise. I loved it. Frank was miserable as his eyes were stinging and watering because he had gotten sun screen in his eyes earlier and the breeze just made them feel worse.

Jefferson and Monticello were fascinating...loved it.

Home again, home again...jiggety jig!!


Heather said...

This looks awesome. I need to finish mine. I wish I would have just taken it with us, but didn't get your idea until we got back. I love your book though.

Laura said...

You did a great job, Peggy! Very creative idea and a nice memory book of your vacation. Thanks for sharing it.

Helen said...

this is absolutely fantastic, and so inspiring I just wish I had a vacation to have one to make !LOL,
thanks for sharing ! take care Peg !

doulanana said...

Great journal and it was my videos from Youtube. Scrapbooking at MOnica's Place episode 15. You did an AWESOME job on this. I am addicted to making these!!!