Thursday, June 26, 2008


Wednesday, the 'Kids began construction on their very own Pirate Ship. This is very much a cooperative effort and they are learning to work together and to share building materials. The base is made out of a white styrofoam cooler and then they wrapped an opened cardboard box around it. They also used a wrapping paper tube, bathroom tissue tubes, empty ribbon spools, paper towel tubes and extra cardboard to make all the extras that a good pirate ship needs. And, good old, Mini (remember her?) made a great figurehead on the front of the ship! While the ship is not really seaworthy, it is good for the imagination!

I don't think they've finished with it. They say that they'll be back to work on it later today. I know they asked me for paint and lots of brushes!! So, check back to see what else they do to their ship!. Hope no one has to walk the plank!
We did have a little bit of drama here. One little guy was late in arriving for camp...Elvis Lloyd was coming all the way from Florida and was taking his sweet time of it, too. He had been in the postal system for nearly a week and his parent and I, and the rest of the kids were getting more than a bit worried. Well, he was finally delivered today (YAY!) and we were all quite relieved!! You just never know with the mail system. And, we have several that have come from Canada, so that makes us even more nervous.

We have a couple more big activities planned for the last few days of Pirate Camp. We just hope the weather holds out for us.

Thanks for checking in!


Heather said...

I've got to say you are a hoot. I wish I still had my CPK. My mom wouldn't buy me a real one :( so I had a homemade one...she had a real CPK head though. But I'm sure she would have loved your Pirate Camp.

kim brimhall said...