Saturday, December 6, 2008

December Photo Diary - Day 3

The carpet stretcher guys finally came (said they would come yesterday but never showed!). They brought their "power stretcher" and did the downstairs in record time and left a big pile of scraps in their wake....just wondering where all that extra carpet came from anyway???

Wednesday means Weight Watcher day and, while the scale did go down, I wasn't brave enough to photograph the scale! - at least not yet. :0)

Then to baking! I love baking these little cookies because they are SO easy and look SO good. They are chocolate chip cookie dough baked in mini muffin pans. Then, as soon as they come out of the oven, you pop in Hershey Kisses! This time I used the traditional Milk Chocolate, and I tried the Mint Truffle and the Peppermint. All look great. I have to bring some to my bowling league holiday party on Monday and a huge amount will go to the Holiday Boutique bake sale at my synagogue tomorrow. The peppermints (red/white) are for bowling.

:0) Thanks for looking in.

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