Sunday, December 7, 2008

December Photo Diary - Day 6 Saturday

So, this is from yesterday, Saturday. A day that hubby and I spend together and, yes, he actually suggested we go see Twilight. No, he hasn't read the book but he's started it. Yes, he has read the rotten reviews and still suggested going with me to see it. I knew he wouldn't like it. I knew he'd be bored! But, it was his idea, after all! When we came out he didn't say much except that the acting was pretty crappy. I didn't care...I just wanted to see it, and I'm glad I did. I know I'm past 50 but I liked it!

Then we spotted this house with a huge front yard and it was FULL of Christmas inflatables!! I mean from end to end, FULL!! I couldn't get a picture from one direction so dh actually slowed down so I could get a pic on the way home...not nearly as good as from the other direction. I love taking pictures of "Tacky Christmas Houses" as we call them.

Then a quick stop at Target for a few gift cards for St. Joe's Orphanage - Tracy's office is collecting them for the kids this year so I thought I'd chip in.

Gas is still creeping down! I couldn't believe I actually saw it for under $1.50! But, that wasn't very near my house. It's only a matter of time, though!

Dear Hubby frowns on me taking lots of pictures so that's one reason why there's only 6 for today and 3 of them are gas prices!
Thanks for looking in.

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