Friday, December 19, 2008

December Is Nearly Gone!!

I'm finding it's really hard to post every day so here I am playing catch up again. But, I think that's o.k. too. At least I'm still clicking on the camera! I'll be putting all of this in a mini book when the month is through (just love mini books!).

December 15th
Oh boy!, The bowling league holiday party. food, food and more food. I ate what I shouldn't have and got heartburn as a result...I should have known better...yup! We all brought a gift to exchange; the way it worked is when you got your first strike you went to the table to pick a gift...I was next to last! LOL!! Oh well, I had fun.

December 16th
Steph started out driving home from Philly yesterday with Rob and I met them in Lexington, for lunch, on this day. Steph then drove Rob to his brother's house and Steph then came home to Louisville. We did all this driving with travel advisories and winter weather warnings for freezing rain till the evening. Fortunately nothing really panned out on the road. We did have a couple of good games of Farkle that night...ever play that??

December 17th - part 1
On this Wednesday, Steph and I braved the mall (and I almost never go to the mall!). I was so overwhelmed by all the signs that I just had to do one mosaic solely with sale signs. They were practically givinng the stuff away!

December 17th - part 2
One of the things Steph and I do when we go shopping is go to Dillards and laugh at some of the fashions we see. This time, I was looking for the weirdest thing to photograph and Steph actually agreed to try it on (not knowing what "it" would be) AND, let me take a pic of her in it AND post it on line! FUN! We finally found this dress that was part sweater and part lingere! Truly weird...AND, it had it's own built in necklace too! All-In-One!! AND, all for $144!!

In the evening we went to see the Secret Life of Bees with my book club - the Queen Bees. Wonderful movie!!

December 18th
Not much yesterday...a free plumbing inspection which eventually cost me $95 (replaced a little rubber gasket!), a trip to one of my favorite stores, a trip to the doctor yielding nothing (yet) and finally Steph cooked ME dinner! Great pasta with a pesto/sun dried tomato sauce! Yum! Oh, and I finally finished a Cabbage Patch makeover for a friend so she could give her childhood CPK to her little girl...sweet!

As always...Thanks for looking in. :0)

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