Saturday, December 6, 2008

I've been a little lax but I will try to be better. This mosaic is from December 2. I've decided to use my December Photo Diary to watch the gas fluctuate. I know it's weird but I've always had a habit of watching gas prices and now, for a change, they are actually dropping!!

But, on this day, we had to have our pool table moved off the carpet because the carpet needed to be re-stretched, soooo..... $165 later, it is on the linoleum and waiting for the carpet guys to come.

I was also busy on the scrapping table making 2 journal books - one for my sister's birthday and one for me for an on line challenge called Well...Scrap About It! And, yeah, hit the market for some frozen dinners...thought they looked neat in the basket all jumbled up. :0)

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