Monday, December 8, 2008

December Diary - Day 7

Sunday, Sunday, of rest? I think not! Up early and out to work at the Holiday Boutique or to be more exact, I was working in the Gift shop at the Temple mostly running interference with the Sunday School kids coming to spend the little money they brought. Why do they have to handle everything??? Granted, some of them did have enough money to buy gifts. There was this one little girl, so adorable, who has $2 and kept asking how much things were...I told her and tried to guide her to what she could afford but she didn't like those (of course!). She decided to pool her $ with her brother's but then they couldn't agree! Siblings! :0)

When I got home I found that Frank was grating baking chocolate!!! Oh yeah, he found this recipe in the newspaper for some "healthy" cookies! So, he gets this baking bug in him once in a while and sometimes they actually come out great. I think this one leaves something lacking, though.

Ebay sales, gifts to ship and the pile keeps growing!! 19 packages finished and ready to mail and what happens? I ran out of packaging tape. So,I really had 20 packages to take to the post office!

What a day!
Thanks for looking in. :0)

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