Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve!

December 24th

So, what does a Jewish person do on Christmas eve? Why, go shopping, of course!! But first, some essentials...go to Weight Watchers - that's my leader, Debbie (was even this week) and get my nails done.

Steph and I had planned a while ago to go to the outlets in Edinburgh, IN yesterday but the weather report was too frightening with the icy roads so we thought we'd go today. Well, the temperatures were cooperating but the blasting rain wasn't so we opted for Oxmoor mall and the Summit instead.

Just love the Santa and the Elf outside the Apple store in Oxmoor - too cute. Driving north on 22 going to the Summit, we saw a southbound accident and then caught a pic of the police car blocking the south bound lane, in my side mirror, in the rain at the, I'm not taking pics while I'm driving!

I loved this bead display at Macy's...kinda retro looking, and the Summit and these cool giant dreidles on display.

Happy 4th night of Hanukkah and Happy Christmas Eve.
Thanks for looking in.


Laura said...

A massage and your nails done in the same week. Add getting your hair done, and it would be perfect! Have a good holiday weekend!

Chimene said...

Love the stories behind the pictures!!!
Merry Christmas:)
XXXX Chimene