Thursday, December 25, 2008

HO HO HO ! ! !

December 25th
So, what do we do on Christmas day? A movie and Chinese food! Yes, it is tradition. Chinese restaurants are the only ones open on Christmas day and I'll be darn if I'm gonna cook! After all, it IS a holiday. It is quite a widespread Jewish tradition (at least around these parts) to go to a movie and eat Chinese food on Christmas (What's-a-Jew-to-do-day!).

We saw the Curious Case of Benjamin Button...a nearly 3 hour movie that didn't tell much story. I liked it well enough but 2 of our group of 5 kept fidgeting and checking their watches. At the end, some people in the audience actually started clapping. Now, I liked alright it but definitely not that much! I think it could have been a whole lot shorter. The make up was excellent and I'd like to know more of that aspect.

This was the first time I used I thought it would be faster and easier. It was! No lines for the Kushman family!! Of course, it did help to get there 45 minutes early, too!

Chinese dinner was pretty good and I stayed within my Weight Watcher points for the day!! YAY!!

And, of course, it is the 5th day of Hanukkah

Hope you all had a great Christmas!
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