Sunday, March 22, 2009


This was an amazing cruise. First of all, it started out as an idea of our (married) Rabbis to cruise to the Caribbean to visit Jewish heritage sites like oldest synagogues in the New World. Then I mentioned it to my sister and she thought it sounded great too. So, we went together within the bigger group. We all met up in San Juan and had time to take a little tour before boarding the ship on Sunday.

In this photo, Michelle and I are standing in front of the ark in the synagogue in San Juan...not very old; only about 46 years old. The rabbi there gave us a little tour and a talk about the congregation's history. We fell in love with the Torah coverings!
These covering were all hand stitched and embroidered! Right up my alley. Beautiful colors and fabrics!!

Thanks to Michelle's "advanced age" (I'm right behind her!) we got very nice upgrades! This was our cabin...beautiful, lots of storage room and a nice balcony! They did come and separate our beds before the evening was out.

Monday was a sea day

and our first of 2 Formal Nights

This was our whole group

One of our cute formal night ship photos

I will try to post more about our cruise tomorrow and NOT bore you with too many photos!
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Lisa the Lovely said...

please post more pics! sounds like a great trip

Laura said...

What fun you must have had, Peggy! Our cabin on the Alaska cruise was just like yours except the sleep area was flipped with the sitting area. Can't wait to see more pics.

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Wow - looks like a fantastic time!