Thursday, March 26, 2009

Is it St. Maarten, or St. Martin??

Well, it depends on if you're on the Dutch side or the French side! Our excursion was on the Dutch side and then we went over to the French side for lunch.

This little video shows Roxy, one of the boat hands (and bartender) entertaining us on board on our way back to shore. You can hear how windy it was!

They really should have canceled this excursion. The waters were rough and all churned up. There was zero visibility looking down. The hardest part was swimming back to our catamaran. I looked down and saw rock and coral and started to panic. Swimming back against the current wasn't getting me anywhere. I finally calmed myself down, layed down in the water and just let my flippers do the work. It wasn't easy and I probably burned a whole lot of calories, but I made it back to the boat and I felt quite sick afterwards. I felt better in about 20 minutes.

Someone was nice enough to take a pic of me with my underwater camera...there certainly wasn't anything underwater worth taking pics of!

Michelle with a great background - she didn't venture in the water. It was actually chilly and overcast.
Michelle had a favorite pizza place over on the French side, that we searched and searched for. She finally had to call her husband (still in NJ) to get the location (next to Hagen Das!). That cinched it...the local children knew right where it was!! GREAT stuff! VERY thin, very light sauce, great cheese!!

Friday night means Shabbat services, even on board. Our Rabbis conducted services for our group as well as another dozen or so passengers. It was neat to meet other people from our country and others too. (our rabbis are 1)on the far right in the jacket and 3rd from the left wearing the tallit (prayer shawl)

We also had some GREAT shows on this cruise. VERY professional! Broadway type reviews, ice shows and fantastic comedy!

Another great day aboard Royal Caribbean's the Adventure of the Seas!
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Denise said...

Roxy rocks! Sorry the excursion didn't go so well. How wonderful that they had services for you when you were on board. I would love to take a cruise someday. My hubby's not too sure, he gets seasick :P Take care!

Laura said...

St. Martin is where we have our timeshare. They have some beautiful beaches, and we love the drive to the French side! Sorry the water was so choppy.

little orphan nancy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time even if there were a few inconveniences. You look so relaxed in your pictures!