Monday, March 30, 2009


I was so busy, last week, blogging about my fantastic cruise that I didn't have time to tell you all about the CKC here in Louisville this past weekend! It started on Thursday night and went through Saturday. I didn't even find out about it until Wednesday!! I don't know what rock I'd been under!!. Anyway, I went on Friday. I didn't have time to sign up for any classes, and they were probably all closed anyway, BUT, I did have plenty of time to shop!! I shopped for about 5 hours straight! It was pretty good. Booth upon booth. Of course, there were lots of things that I had no use for, like stenciling and kits, but I still managed to spend quite a few bucks!

I think this is where I spent the most money. This booth, Creek Bank Creations, sold fantastic chipboard products that they laser cut themselves. Their trick? Fat is where it's at. All their chipboard is thicker so it won't warp.

I love this booth too...The Paper Loft

Now, I need to hunker down and USE all this stuff!
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Lisa the Lovely said...

oh my gosh my feet are killing me! I looked for you there but didn't see you. Not a shock considering the crowd. I feel like I've got a scrappy hang over!

Laura said...

You must have been in heaven, Peggy! I didn't know about it either - where did they advertise?

little orphan nancy said...

Girl! You are just soooo lucky!!! Wish they had that kind of thng where I live!! It must have been heavenly!! You'll have to scrap lots and show us all the goodies you got!!!