Monday, March 23, 2009


First port was Aruba. We had heard that it was always breezy on the island but windy was more like it. It sounds nice but it gets old pretty fast. Four of us took the Best of Land and Sea Excursion.

This short video was taken aboard the catamaran just as we were setting sail. You can hear the wind blowing!!

The sea part was actually the first part..this was our cutie captain, Julian.

Julian liked to steer with his feet!

Michelle and me aboard our catamaran as we sailed past our cruise ship

Here we are again, in the wind, after the sea part of the morning
This lighthouse was one of the stops on the Land portion

This is Casibari Rock...another one of our stops. There was a warning about climbing to the top. Michelle and I stayed behind

We passed this pretty cemetery

The landscape was just covered with these huge cactus!!

Shopping Time!! I tried on these sapphire guards to go with my mother's diamond wedding band...She had always worn guards like these but they were lost. I now have the ring with gold guards and was thrilled to find these sapphire guards. NO, I didn't buy them! But now I know what to look for as they can be hard to find. This sure brought back memories!!
More tomorrow!
Thanks for looking!

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Laura said...

That cemetery is pretty! Did you think about Natalie Holloway while you were in Aruba?