Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Finally a day to relax! But, first, my sister and I just HAD to go to the scrapbooking class. This was the first time that my sister got to play with a crimper...she's hooked! We also got lots of neat ideas and they gave us cut outs including the Royal Caribbean logo!!

Part of this cruise was to get in a couple of seminars with Jewish content. This one about Christopher Columbus was SO fascinating!! I wish I could share the entire content with you all...such compelling evidence about the Jewish roots of a Franciscan Monk!!

Of course we had to save some time for sun. We had late dinner seating so we had plenty of time to lay around. Unfortunately, it was so overcast we had to chase the sun around and finally ended up on the upper deck and had to fight the wind as well.

This was our second formal night so we just had to mug for some more pics.

Boy, I'd love to have another "sea day" right about now!
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Laura said...

Cute formal pic of you and your sis. The first picture looks like you have matching outfits!