Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Shopped at Effy - a great jewelery store where we both made purchases

This is a rather large, display version of the local Chichi figures. The small figures, usually about 2-3" tall, are made by a local female artist and then distributed to other local women who paint and decorate them; then return them to the artist who then sells them. The proceeds go to help the women on the island. Michelle and I bought several! I love woman-to-woman causes!

After some serious and fun shopping in Curacao, Michelle and I met up with our group at the Congregation Mikve Israel-Emmanuel Synagogue...the oldest congregation in the New World - founded in 1651. This synagogue we visited was consecrated in 1732!

Very interesting, and it has several theories, This Sephardic (Hispanic) synagogue has a sand floor!

One theory is that during the Inquisition, when it would have been a death sentence to be found out you were a Jew, sand was put up in the attics of homes where Jews could practice their religion in secret...it muffled sounds!!! So, for some reason, the practice continues. Sadly, the congregation is quickly shrinking.
View of the city from the ship as we were leaving port So, this was Wednesday. Back aboard ship we had a great show and a midnight Adult Game show called Quest! Hilarious!!
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