Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wow...What an adventure for little Adam Luther! I think he travels even more than I do!

This trip to Canada was to attend the first ever Golden Xavier Awards, hosted by his friends Sandy Diane and Janet. They worked very hard to come up with all of the details of this great weekend of events! I think Adam Luther was actually there for about 2-3 weeks but the awards event only lasted a day or two.

I just finished this mini book showing all the things that he did. There were so many more photos - especially of the girls getting ready and all the kids doing some crafts, but I just couldn't include everything. I hope you enjoy celebrating along with Adam Luther and me.

pics of all the kids attending and Adam's arrival

there were some great pis of what the boys were doing while the girls were getting ready for the big night!

makes a mother proud!

And I didn't even know Adam Luther knew how to do magic tricks!

Thanks for stopping by!


Laura said...

Oh my gosh - she went to a lot of work to put together the event! I know Mylinda would be so proud of the bingo playing - LOL! Great job scrapping it, Peggy!

Lisa the Lovely said...

that's adorable! AL does travel more than you!!
and yes, if I need a vacay I should come to TN in June. Just don't know if I can afford it!! I'll ya know Friend