Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Boy, things sure do change! Wish I had this when mine were little! What a great little gadget, this bottle warmer. You just pour a little water in the base, place the bottle in and turn it on. In about a minute (or two) it is just the right temperature! No running the hot water, no heating water in a saucepan! This was great!!

Today I babysat for a little cutie patootie 9 month old neighbor girl. She was home from day care because she is getting over being sick so her mom asked if I could sit today. She was a little doll even though her nose ran like Niagara! But, she couldn't help it, poor thing. I took lots of pics, but I don't feel right posting any without permission...maybe later.

After that I ran to the fitness center to meet with my trainer. At least my overall body fat content is going down! That's good news. I weigh in tomorrow at Weight Watchers, so I hope that will be good news as well. Each day I see the trainer she turns up the notch a little and demands something new and different from me...things I didn't know I could do! I sure hope all of this training and Weight Watchers finally does some good!

I'm exhausted...it's been a long day. Thanks for checking in on me!

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Lisa the Lovely said...

how handy! and how much fun you must have had with the wee one. did you finish your frames?
good job on the workout,too!