Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So, I checked out this post on SIS ( and it was someone from My Little Shoebox promoting their new line of papers with a giveaway! So, I entered...YES...and I am one of the lucky winners. I sent in my name and address today with my 3 favorite lines...I chose
  1. Enjoy Life
  2. My Neighborhood and
  3. Who's There
I am VERY excited because I very rarely win anything. Can't wait to get the collections (don't know if I just get one or all 3 - probably just one) and play around with them!

I hope to get going on my picture frames over the weekend!!I've got a few ideas, thanks to some great SISters who pointed me in the right direction.

Thanks for checking in!


Cassie said...

Woohoo!! I had my name in the hat on this one too!!! So cool that someone I "know" won!!!

Laura said...

Way to go, Peggy!

Penny said...

Congratz on your winnings!

secondchance Nancy said...

How cool is that???? Good for you!!!! You'll have to post a picture of the "goodies" when they arrive!!