Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I finally finished altering those wooden picture frames that I bought at Target a few weeks ago. I think I'm ok with them...this is the first time I've tried altering anything like this, so all's good. I plan on putting them on the wall in my scrap area along with some other things that I am collecting, like decorative "P" far.

Now, Adam Luther would like to publicly say, "Thank You" to Miss Laura (you know who you are!) for the Monster Truck she got for him at McDonalds last week! Well, it was supposed to be a CPK for me but turned out to be a truck for him, but don't tell him he was 2nd on her list! He loves the truck because every time it crashes into something the top pops off! FUN! Kids always getting new toys...for no reason!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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secondchance nancy said...

The frames are really nice, Peggy! Did you decoupodge them with tissue or regular scrap paper? I've got a couple old frames around here.. you've inspired me to try doing one!!! Thanks!!!