Monday, January 30, 2012


Plain Brown Wrapper Alert!

I just had breast reduction surgery on January 19th and it has been such an emotional journey that I had to scrap about it. Yes, I included before and after pictures of myself. No, you can't see them as they are covered. But my "before" is shown in my bra and my "during" is shown wrapped in ace bandages. So, there's you're alert. I've also been keeping a journal about my journey but it's not finished just as my journey is not finished. This layout is very personal and all about ME but I felt I needed to blog about it anyway. So, there you are.

Prior to surgery I was a 36G. Not easy to find that size on the rack. And, when you do they are quite costly. This has been years in the making; dating back to my teenage/high school years. It wasn't until recently that I took my feelings seriously. The result is that I will probably be a "D" but until all of the swelling goes down, I won't be positive.

Then, when I saw that Scrapping the Music's latest challenge song was "I Feel Good", I knew this was the right way to scrap about this.

Here's another plain brown wrapper, just in case...

I Feel Good


Laura said...

So proud of you for doing this, Peggy! I would imagine you are going to feel fabulous after all the healing is done! Thanks for sharing.

jdsmom said...

I'm so happy for you! I remember you telling me how uncomfortable you were before. Not many women actually have the courage to do something about it though. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!