Thursday, January 5, 2012


It's great to have a fun holiday last just a little longer than normal. This season's Hanukkah did just that. Today we got 2 belated Hanukkah gifts from our girls.

Today, Tracy handed me her gift; a beautiful memory tray with tons of great detail. I've been thinking of making a tray like this for quite a while, but I've too many projects going on right now. So glad Tracy beat me to it!

Then, today's mail brought a gift from Steph and Grant, her fiance. They sent us a beautiful framed photo of the two of them. This pic was part of their engagement photo shoot, although I don't remember seeing this one. It's such a great photo!

I feel so lucky to have 2 great daughters that always think of both Frank and me.

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Laura said...

The tray is beautiful, Peggy! Did it make you cry? Love the cute picture of Stephanie and Grant too!