Friday, January 13, 2012


You bet I am! It's may seem strange to blog about a new washer and dryer but you have to understand why.

First of all, my old dryer is old...bought when we first moved to Louisville back in the late 80's. So, we certainly got our money's worth out of it. But, strangely, I'd become attached to it. I knew it and all of its idiosyncrasies, like how many times I had to run it to get my clothes dry and how to clean out its hard to reach lint vent. but, I digress...


Then there's the washer that really wasn't so old. I still have the sales slip dated 2005. But, I had to keep re-washing clothes. Spots didn't come out and sometimes there were white linty things all over some items. The times that I'd left tissues in pockets don't count. There were plenty of other times.

So, dear hubby insisted on getting a new washer and figured we might as well get a pair. But as we were looking at these appliances I found new developments in the washer world. The latest thing is that they've done away with the know, those tall things that spin back and forth in the center of the bin? Then, they've done away with warm rinses. They are all cold now...more energy efficient, you know. The final thing is that the water level is all can't set it yourself. The washer decides your water level based on the weight of what's in your washer. Smarty-pants!


This last thing posed a problem. You see, I felt. That is I knit or crochet things with wool yarn and then I shrink them in a process called felting (I won't get more technical). Felting requires hot water and lots of agitation. So, I had to find a machine that still had the center agitator and a way to change the water level.. YAY, I found it. But, the catch is that within 6 months, my new washer will be obsolete; won't even be available! Phew! I got mine just in time!

So, you see, blogging about my new washer isn't so silly after all! But, strangely, I still miss my old mismatched pair. I won't even get into the gory details on why the pair were delivered one day and the plumber's visit and leaking hose and finally getting the washer hooked a week and a half later...


Laura said...

Well, you learn something new every day, Peggy! Who knows how old the washer and dryer in our new house is, but it has the agitator! I didn't realize they don't make them that way any more.

jd's mom said...

I can understand your attachment to your old machines. I still have the dryer I got back in 76' in our Illinois house. It's had the motor, fan and belt replaced over the years, and it's avocado green, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. It's a "heavy duty" style and has a HUGE tumbler which means you can almost fit the kitchen sink in it if you so choose. Our dryer in the new house seems "dinky" by comparison.