Thursday, January 12, 2012


Our once a month girls night out took us to Mark's Feed Store in Middletown. I only wish I could have eaten the b-b-q as that is their main stay. No b-b-q for me since November 2010 due to my sensitivity to tomatoes! So sad! But, I had a great salad with salmon in it. But, boy, did that b-b-q smell great!! Definitely NOT worth the migraine that comes along with the tomatoes (most of the time). Plus, I'm getting ready for Steph's wedding so I'm really watching what I am eating, especially since I gained an ungodly amount since this November. (Reunion, Cruise, Thanksgiving, laziness)

So, on to my new friend...

This is Danny (with Doreen), Doreen's special friend and now he's all of our friend too! He was SO much fun!

Danny, showing off his blingy pockets. He just wouldn't stand still so the picture is a bit blurry. Let's just say Danny loves to wiggle. :D

We had good company; we were only missing 2 people last night. One has been MIA for 2 months (Where are you Karen??) and the other just HAD to move to Arizona. Some excuse! Sometimes Laura joins us by Skype but just couldn't do it in the restaurant. Well, maybe we could have but I didn't think of it and we've used my husband's laptop for the last couple of months. Sorry Laura!

And, what's with the 2 pair of glasses, Pam? Trendsetter, you!!

Of course we couldn't forget our traditional foot picture. See anything different??

Maybe this will give you a hint. It's official. We now have our first honorary Red Hot!
Once again, we had a great evening. Thanks to Doreen for her selection. See you all next month!

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Laura said...

Fun fun fun! So sorry I wasn't there! Glad to see a picture of Danny!