Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I was very reluctant to start with Pinterest, Very. When my daughter sent me that first invitation, I just deleted it. I did not want to get involved with anything else on the internet. I wanted to simplify not add to my life. I don't remember how or why I finally started looking but, boy, am I glad I did. There are so many great ideas!

Making t-shirt yarn is my latest thing. The tutorial was easy as was finding the shirts. Now, I have a small basket full of t-shirt yarn in lots of colors and don't know what to do with them now.

Do I make a hook rug?

Or a crochet rug?

Or, How about a crochet basket?

Anyway I look at it, I probably don't have enough right now to start AND finish anything. And, I thought I bought a lot of shirts. I guess it's back to the thrift stores!

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Laura said...

I vote for the crochet baskets - you could make 8 of them and give them to 8 of your best friends - LOL!