Monday, October 6, 2008


51 years ago today I was born. I was the youngest of 3; an older sister and brother. I had a solid family unit with grandparents who lived close by. The best part was that I was a birthday present too! My dad's birthday was the next day. He always said that I was the best gift he ever had. All the years growing up we always shared our birthdays. We always had one cake with both our names on it. It was usually a Carvel icecream cake (I grew up in New York city). At the time I wanted my own cake. As I got older I looked forward to being with my dad on our birthdays just so that we could share again. We always shared bananas too...but that's another story. I've got lots of them.

3 years ago today I lost my dad. He had moved in with my sister in NJ in the last several months of his life as he needed lots of help. He had pancreatic cancer and lasted 2 years with it! He filled those 2 years with near constant travel and experiences!

My birthday is no longer the same. It is now a day of reflection and, in my religion, a day of remembrance. So, since my dad "took" my birthday I've decided to "take" his. Well, we've shared all these years so I don't think he'd mind.

I will celebrate tomorrow.


merryheart2 said...

o0o my. i LOvE your story.
Happy birthday to you and i hope you have a big wonderful celebration in your honor and in honor of your dad.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Peggy! I hope you get an ice cream cake to remember and to celebrate!

Doreen said...

Happy Birthday!! Have 2 slices of cake -- one for you and one for your Dad.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Peggy,do enjoy this day, with your precious memories of past birthdays, and have fun !!!

Anonymous said...

Peg...I knew your dad, your mom, in fact your whole mispucha...and I think that they would like to know that you are celebrating, on whatever day, in whatever way, you choose.

Lots of love,
now and always,

(after 36 years of friendship.....)