Monday, October 20, 2008


So, let's's now 4 days till I start on the road to Maryland and 5 days till the big Birthday Bash and meeting Xavier Roberts!!! My friend, Marsha and her little guy, Ridley are driving to my house on Thursday, spending the night, and then we head out bright and early on Friday morning for our nearly 11 hour drive to southern Maryland. Adam Luther and Ridley, along with several Anniversary Kids will be in the back seat...buckled in, of course, and Marsha and I will take turns driving ALL DAY! But, it will be worth it! I've heard great stories about how friendly Xavier he is. I just hope he's up for lots of photos. :0)

On top of it all I've made a special birthday card to give him from Marsha and Me, and the boys too. We plan on taking a picture of Adam Luther & Ridley and adhering it to the inside of the card. Maybe a little corney but I don't care. Xavier Roberts is somewhat of an artist himself so I'm hoping he'll appreciate the home made, scrapped card.

I'm just a little excited. And that's about all I can think about now. I'm subbing at preschool this week too, so it will help to take my mind off of things a little.

But first, my Monday Morning bowling league today. Bye for now.


Laura said...

I didn't know you bowled on a league, Peggy! It would be much nicer to do that now since they've made them all non-smoking! Have a super fun trip - I know you will, and I look forward to all the pictures!

Cricket said...

Love the birthday card! Have a safe trip!!


Anonymous said...

Cute birthday card. I really love it. Have a good and safe trip! What an amazing collection!

Anonymous said...

Your card is lovely. Have a fun filled safe journey

Anonymous said...

get outta here, is that really your CPK collection?!! I still have one of the originals!